For You Again

by Ben Lubeck

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    For you again was recorded in four days, in a living room in Minneapolis. We recorded it to tape with very few overdubs. The main vocals are recorded live, we didn’t splice any tracks so you’ll hear squeaking floorboards, chairs adjusting, the faint sound of a jet overhead, or headphone cords tapping against the back of guitars. These live moments that are captured on tape play an important role in capturing the essence of the energy in the room at the time we recorded. It’s my favorite way to record. Playing a song until you discover the heart of it, and then letting go just enough to let the song speak for itself. I feel that everything comes alive in that moment. At the end of the keeper take, as you take your headphones off, everyone looks around the room locking eyes, knowing that we had discovered the true meaning of that song and just laid it down on tape to share with whoever is willing to listen. It’s a truly magical moment. There's something special about going on a journey with other people, starting with the sketches of a song and letting the true meaning guide you to a finished product. There’s something very special and timeless in that.

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Upon releasing his first solo album, Rented Rooms, singer-songwriter Ben Lubeck received praise for the quiet power, emotion and substance behind the 2016 release. Written as an act of reconciliation towards his father while contemplating his own newfound status as a dad, the album “carried years of heartache in the notes...with primal howls and words that cut deep (City Pages).”

Now a father of two, Lubeck’s life has shifted focus, but the introspective messages in his music are as strong as ever. On his sophomore release, For You Again, out September 13, Lubeck’s desire to overcome the fears that prevent him from being fully present comes across in every melancholy whisper and every heart wrenching cry. In For You Again, Lubeck has come full circle from his debut album as he now writes from the lens of a father, resulting in an honest, raw, and beautiful collection of songs.

Lubeck is a founding member of the Minneapolis band Farewell Milwaukee who have received national acclaim, song placement on major network television, supported bands such as the Lumineers, and had their songs featured on compilations alongside Mumford & Sons, Adele and Amos Lee. Lubeck has released four albums with the band over the last decade, frequently working with longtime producer and collaborator Brad Bivens. For this album, it was a natural fit to re-enlist the help of Bivens. For You Again was recorded at his home studio in south Minneapolis in just a few short days as Bivens anticipated the birth of his first child and Lubeck the birth of his second. The imminent life change that shaped this recording process brings a sense of authenticity to the album; the listener feels the emotions - the urgency, the passion.

Much like Rented Rooms, the album features contributions from Twin Cities artists including: Jake Hanson (Mason Jennings, The Cactus Blossoms), Andy Dee, Jacob Pavek, Kara Laudon, Hilary James, and Rachael Kilgour. Each song was recorded live to tape in a small living room, with the squeaks of wooden floors, the sliding of chairs, and the faint rumble of planes in the distance if you listen close enough. Everything captured on tape was in the moment and meant to be as raw as the songs themselves - stripped away of studio gimmickry and sleight of hand. For You Again is without a doubt Lubeck’s most vulnerable, personal recording.

Recently I read the phrase that “Love is not yet perfect in one that is afraid.” It stopped me cold, as I began to wonder if my greatest fears: the deep deceptive ones that nearly paralyze the body, and immobilize the mind, could be the very things that are preventing me from full engagement. Fully engaging and appreciating the people that not only love me the most but are the well in which I draw daily inspiration and hope. The ones I take for granted while in the pocket of my fear and darkness, are the ones that need me the most and are also the ones I need to be in tune with to feel at peace.

As I grow as a person, and hopefully as a songwriter, I'm starting to realize that as hard as I try to impact the world with my songs, it's my beautiful world around me, a world made up with two beautiful daughters and a wife that supports my every move, that deeply impacts me and my songs and it's with all my heart, that I hope to return the favor.

-For You Again,

Ben Lubeck


released September 13, 2019


Produced by Brad Bivens and Ben Lubeck. Engineered and Mixed by Brad Bivens. Mastered by Huntley Miller at HM Mastering. Recorded at Brad’s House.

Photography by Darin Back. Design and Layout by Aaron Markson.

All songs were written by Ben Lubeck (Dr Dazzle Publishing, SESAC). © & ℗ Ben Lubeck, 2019.
Ben Lubeck - guitars and vocals on all tracks with additional instrumentation and vocals by:

Jacob Hanson - Electric Guitar, Kara Laudon - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Andy Dee - Lap Steel, Jacob Hanson - Electric Guitar, Rachael Kilgour - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano & Vocals

Jacob Hanson - Electric Guitar, Kara Laudon - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Hilary James - Cello, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Andy Dee - Dobro, Kara Laudon - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Andy Dee - Lap Steel, Kara Laudon - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano & Vocals

Andy Dee - Dobro, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Hilary James - Cello, Rachael Kilgour - Vocals

Andy Dee - Lap Steel, Mimi Genheimer - Violin, Kara Laudon - Vocals, Jacob Pavek - Piano

Mimi Genheimer - Violin

Special thank you to Piper, Tatum and Remi Lubeck "There's a wide-open space in my heart to erase, and you're the one to fill the hole" Also, Farewell Milwaukee, my 2006 Hyundai Accent GL, and Giannis Antetokounmpo. #yamahajacket


all rights reserved



Ben Lubeck Minneapolis, Minnesota


Band: Farewell Milwaukee

It's alright, it's okay, there's something to live for - Jesus told me so.

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Track Name: For You Again

Are you the one with a child, that took my place, that made you smile
Is There still a chance I could drive ya wild,
When the night’s still young and your hearts on fire
Are you the one

Do you still think about me the same, Or is there something in our way
are we in love, is love in us
Or did it break in two when two made one
When two made one

Oh and let me fall for you

Oh I know, I'm your man, and you promised me you'd be my best friend
But what I don't want you to see,
is I’m no longer your missing piece

Oh and let me fall for you


I'm not asking you to change,
but we can't let things stay the same
is there something left in the air
so won’t you let me get you there

Oh and let me fall for you
Track Name: Younger Men

I could fly away, I could hide my face
Hop on silver wings, just to ditch this place
I tell ya what / I've seen it done/ cause it’s been done to me
I know it's one way to live, but it ain't for me


Sometimes you gotta let it go / sometimes you gotta let It ride
letting losers win while letting fires die
Sometimes we gotta take the long way down before we understand
We had it all figured out when we were younger men
When we were younger men

Well they ain't that bad, they just lost their way
The thing you fear the most, you become its slave
I'll tell you boy you're pure of hurt, you love the light like I hate the dark
You’ll find your weakness is the witness that keeps hope alive


But I can’t let this one slide
There’s way too much for me on the line
Time to pony up and kiss my pride.
Kiss my pride
Kiss my pride goodbye
Track Name: A Hard Way To Learn

If I wrote you 5 letters would you throw them away
If I sent you 5 postcards would you put them in frames
would you read over them till the ink fades to gray
Or tear them apart and dispose them in flames

If I handed you roses would they die in your hand
If I handed you roses would they make me your man
would you raise them up slowly till they cover your mouth
Or sit on your doorstep till the petals fall off


You’re a hard way to learn
You’re a hard way to fall
Such a hard bridge to cross the one that I’m on
The one that I’m on

If you were the Ocean would you bring me to land
If you were an Ocean would I drown at your hand
would your deadliest wave ever bring me to you
would you swallow me up would you tear me in two

If you were a river would you bring you on home
would you slice through the valleys, wind under roads
Or would you be the dam that lays me to rest
and dry up the waters that flow from my chest
Track Name: Mrs Bluebird
These bars will never make you free / but you’re safer now that you're with me
Might not know it, but I can show you how even captives can feel free
Some things can come into your life, Slow enough to pass you by
But before you know it, there's nothing growing, and your trapped by the winter sky


Mrs. bluebird
Mrs bluebird
Mrs Bluebird you're so beautiful
I just wanted you to know, It's not safe out there no more
and I can't let you go / outside these doors


There's a side of me that you can't see Knowing you're broken doesn't make you free
And sharing the pain with a cross and a name
Hurts me more that you can see

Nothing you could ever do Makes you deserve to hear the truth
There's poison air in the atmosphere
and I Wouldn’t wish for that on you
Track Name: Days Go By

Girl you look like a child, who's ready to learn
And I feel like a boy heart heavy with my eyes wide and ready to burn
You used to live in the wind, you used to float in my dreams
And I was kinda crazy, my heart free and easy, my soul pure as pure could be


I'll survive
I've learned a lot since I've been with you
Cause love takes time
Time has a way of running out on you
BUT I don't mind
I’m glad I spend it with you

You can still pack a punch, straight into my chest
And I don't mince words when I'm hurt you'll know I don't leave nothing to contest
But you still run through my blood, my heart beats your name
And I know I drive you crazy but I'm still your baby and you light up when You hear my name


If this is what's left love
Well you'll be just fine
You'll be the stars honey
and I’ll be the night
Track Name: Winter Moon

I've been up for days
and I’m getting thin
the winter moon
Is staring at me again
I can't breath no
I can't sleep


I’m afraid she might fail me
Any day she could leave me


Well there's nothing, left within me
that gives me reason to believe
Nothing I've done, should win back your love

But then I came to, when you broke through
And you found me on my knees
Here in the dark, you took back my heart
And I believe


I can't drink
and I can't write
the winter moon
is full tonight
and I can't think no
and I can't speak


I’m afraid she might fail me
Any day she could leave me
Track Name: The Show

Well time passes slow, when your mind feels young but your bodies old
still time marches on, though the hearts of man, are weak and worn

You've known me through it all
Prevailed through most improbable odds
Seen the depths and the peaks of love
Been right here all along, through it all

You've been abused, you walk through life with the guilt of the accused
I've worn my scars, been cut by the knife and burnt by the fire


When the end is near, would you hold me dear until the moment I turn blue
If the light escapes right out my face, I hope my last words mention you
Heard the final days, of this slow parade, are the deepest shades of blue

But I think the end will be
I think the end will be
I think the end will be
The most beautiful show of all
Track Name: Lines We Mend
With the door cracked open I could hear the
I could feel your heart sink to the ground
I heard you screaming oh my Lord

Though word travels quick through the telephone wire
I could see it coming like a wildfire
it was way too much for you to bare

we set up candles in an empty room
and spun old records all afternoon
and waited for the news to break


I might keep you from the truth
so it don't get the best of you
you've been living for the fame
while they're praying you won't change
Though the lines we mend
will break apart again

I hear them rapping on the front door
They'll knock if they knock some more
but I'll never let em get to you

I heard their plans to drill holes in you
to rewire your brain into something new
the thought if that makes me ill

if you give it up will it take you down
will it steal your heart, will it steal your crown
will you lose your faith in who we are


It was clear as day oh Lord

Final Chorus

I might keep you from the truth
so it don't kill the heart of you
you've been living for the fame
while they're praying you won't change
Though the lines we mend
will break your heart again
Track Name: Might Have Been You

Id look to you, when the world got heavy
You kept things still, you kept things steady
We shared the streets, tore up this city
You never said goodbye, wasn’t enough time

When I look in my rear view
might not have been me, might not have been you
when you think about me now
I bet you wanna come home but you don’t know how
If you could do it all again, would you stay right here
And let the walls cave in?

We’d sleep under the stars, before you got your wheels
before the levee broke, before the sirens squealed

You flew over the Ocean, but knew you’d never find
The hole in your heart, the missing peace of mind
Track Name: What Am I To Do
what am i to do
when your skin is thin and pale
and your veins are red and blue
Honey what am i to do

Pretend it’s all okay
When your hair is turning gray
Should i call you everyday
When you're old and gray

What am i to do
when i see this happening to you
You’re part of me, and I’m part of you
So tell me what, am I to do

When i see your body ache
and your eyes forget my face
If you can hear me anyway
Tell me what, am I to do

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